The אבני חלוקי נחל Diaries

,‫שאלות‬ ‫עוד‬ ‫אותך‬ ‫אשאל‬ ‫לא‬ ,‫אבא‬ ‫"טוב‬ :‫ואמר‬ ‫לשווא‬

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‫הבי‬ ‫כוחות‬ ,‫בת"א‬ ‫עסוקים‬ ‫היינו‬ ‫שכולנו‬ ‫בזמן‬ ,‫דבר‬ ‫של‬ ‫בסופו‬‫מ‬

‫לא‬ ‫הקב"ה‬ ‫וכי‬ ‫להקב"ה‬ ‫בטרוניא‬ ‫בא‬ ‫היה‬ ‫לא‬ ‫אבינו‬ ‫אברהם‬

טיח הטדלקט הינו טיח ממורק וחלק למשעי. תהליך וצורת היישום הייחודית מעניקה לטיח תכונת איטום למים.

And from there they went to your grave of Shamay (-the arch Talmudic disputer of Hillel), there he was beset with melancholy, and he reported, that this was really puzzling by him, and Later on he stated, that there is an answer to this, but he didn't reveal the answer.

• סנייה טלה – מעדן סורי הכולל קבב מבשר טרי אפוי בטאבון עם טחינה, חצילים קלויים ועגבניות

And soon after brief time it plague fell there on the city, and he was compelled to flee from his lodgings to a special lodging, and afterwards the plague fell there also, and he was pressured to flee from Tiberias. And his flight from Tiberius in the course of the plague, may perhaps the Merciful One save us, was fraught with extremely terrific Threat, as the Gate with the wall was shut, and he was compelled to flee By the use of the cave, right up until he came for the wall which happens to be through the lender of the Kinneret (-Sea of Galilee), and you wished to climb in addition to the wall and descend from there as a way to therefore leave the town.

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b.m. and humbled himself profusely below him. As well as the method of perform in which Rabbainu dealt with the aforementioned moaser, lots of folios wouldn't be inadequate to relate, due to the fact he comported with him with wondrous knowledge, right until the moaser was abnegated in advance of him, and he ordered the man that was with Rabbainu o.b.m. to create a proclamation, that each one All those with fled should really return, and so they all returned through this into town.

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